Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Word verification- wvend (n)...

wvend (n) - an ideal example of word verification, one which brings all truth and light and salvation to the entire word verification canon, an example of word verification so pure and absolute that all other word verifications are but a shadow to this word verification

"Repeat after me, my children...
It is the alpha and the omega.

It is the alpha and the omega.

The beginning and the wvend.

The beginning and the wvend.

All praise be to Achilles3.

And also with you...


achilles3 said...

how in hell can anyone else post after that GEM!!!

no, really

calencoriel said...

Okay, okay...that's not how a prayer would go...if Achilles3 is to be diefied then he would never offer praise back to his followers.

The "and also with you" response only comes after the preacher or priest offers peace to the congregation.

I know chemguy did spend an hour and 20 minutes in a church last month and the catholics like to say "and also with you" a lot...but if we're going to pray to our creator, we should do it right. Give me a day or two and I'll post an appropriate prayer. I just need to decide how fast I want to go to hell.

That being said...excellent post, Chemguy...most excellent